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First, we would like to reassure you ! 

No, BlookUp is not late for the 21st century, no, we do not have just discovered these revolutionary things that are  Wordpress and social networks.

Fortunately for us, it’s been a while already that we use them… and we love it!

wordpress and social media logos

But between our WordPress and our different accounts on social networks, it is not always easy for everyone to know what to follow and although we tried to keep a constant publication rate and coherent contents from one platform to another, some of them may be better suited to your needs than others!

Time to sum it all up!


The wordpress logo

We post on our blogs (French-speaking and English-speaking), once or twice a week.

The contents are identical except for the interviews; We used to translate them in both languages, but in the case of a French blog, for example, English speakers were able to read the interview but they could not visit the blog of the person without confronting the language barrier.

Thus, we decided to separate the two experiences as often as possible in order to offer contents that are suitable to and unique for each audience.


Logo Facebook

Our Facebook accounts, divided into the French-speaking one and the English-speaking one, mainly relay our blog posts. When we are mentioned in an article by a spontaneous blogger or by a partner, we also share that content in order to give visibility to the person or platform having published the article.

We also share on our Facebook various BlookUp news which do not necessarily require a blog post, like our participation in contests, our travels, our visual changes according to the season…

The frequency of publication oscillates between 2 to 3 or 4 articles per week, depending on the density of information we have to share.

The platform has the advantage of allowing a more immediate interactivity than the blogs, gathering all technical information concerning BlookUp (address, phone number, opening hours…) and possessing an internal tchat where we can answer all your questions live, in addition to responding to your comments (we read them all!).


Logo Twitter

Ah Twitter… In terms of interactivity, I think we have a winner there! Well, it was created to be this way after all!

BlookUp’s Twitter account was almost exclusively French until September, when we began to make sure to share our blog articles, tweet, retweet and quote in both languages. We are constantly looking for varied, fun, amazing contents, and mention the account at the origin of the content we share.

In a way, Twitter is BlookUp’s most active social network, with 4 to 5 exchanges (tweets, retweets, replies and mentions combined) per day on average… More than the others, but still not too much though!

We also respond to direct requests, either by mention or DM.


Logo Instagram

Our Instagram account relays mainly our blog posts, with a caption in French and English accompanying each illustration. The account, which is still pretty new, is the less interactive for now but we can publish beautiful visual on it and share Instagram publications of our subscribers, blookers and partners, in a more intimate way.

Our Instagram also displays more photos of paper blooks than our other networks, which may please books lovers and people curious to see what blooks really look like for real, in the hands of their owners!

So, did you find what you wanted here? If so, don’t hesitate to click, like and share!

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