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Here you can find everything you need to know about our blog blook. Keep scrolling!

  • Our partners

To create your blook, the content you want to transform into a book has to be from one of our partners : WordPress, Blogger, Overblog, Skyrock or Canalblog

  • Customizing general options

A blog blook can be either a Blog Book (15x21cm) or a Blog Album (format 20x27cm). The Layout of our editing tool will allow you to easily:

  1. Choose a predefined layout style
  2. Choosing a font and size for your titles and text, as well as a size for your images
  3. Enable or disable page breaks after each article
  4. Choose the position of your table of contents, or choose not to display it
  • Customizing your cover

Bring your personal touch to you blook by customizing its cover!

  1. Choose a color
  2. Choose between a soft or hard cover cover
  3. Choose your cover model 
  4. Fill in the title, subtitle and author’s name.
  5. Select an illustration . Be careful to choose a high-quality image (at least 885×1240 pixels for the Blog Books and at least 1192×1554 pixels for the Blog Albums)
  6. Write your biography and the summary of your book
  7. Select an image from your computer that will be used as a author’s portrait 
  • Edit your content
  1. Use the date selection tool to start and finish your book on dates that suit you and/or allow you to fit within 400 pages!
  2. To sort your articles by category: click on “Chapter Mode”
  3. Reverse the order of all your items at once 
  4. De-select or select all your posts at once
  5. To include or exclude individually 
  6. Reorder articles 
  7. Change the content of each article individually 
  8. Add photo from your library

Visit our website and start creating your own blog book now!

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