Create a book from your PDF document!

Are you tired of creating and linking your works? Especially since the result looks more like student work than something professional? Don’t worry, once again the BlookUp team will helps you solve your problem and stand out! Create your own paper book from PDF today.

Simple and fast, thanks to us you don’t even have to start a blog to print your own book anymore.

The procedure is very simple

First of all, you must:

  • Write your text or format your photos (whatever software you use, it is always possible to create a pdf)
  • Save your work under the PDF format

Once logged into, the easiest part begins:

  • Choose the PDF blook
  • At the first step, be careful to choose the format that corresponds to your pdf: A4 corresponds to 20x27cm in blook format and A5 to 15x21cm (the smallest)
  • Let yourself be guided to make your cover with or without a photo and in the color of your choice
  • Generate and preview your blook

That’s it ! Visualize it, modify your cover until the last moment if necessary then order!

One thought on “Create a book from your PDF document!

  1. The product link to the PDF in a book shows a hardback book. I don’t get a choice when I upload my pdf. Details for the book include size and paperback. How do I get a hardback copy?

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