Organize your content in an original way to print a magnificent Instagram!

So, If you find that the snapshots of your Instagram grid lack coherence and harmony? That this kind of questions, “how to give a more professional or attractive look to my Instagram account” is in your browser history? Therefore, why not think about using an application that will completely change the overall look of your grid? We’re speaking of preview !

BlookUp follow a strategy and pre-defined objectives you must not only think about the way your photos will be presented, but also plan their grid uniformity, whether you use a filter or not to make sure to have the most harmonious and visually satisfying rendering!

Indeed, preview is a tool that will allow you a very simplistic organization! Like a puzzle, your photos can be organized to have the final rendering that suits you the most. So as not to face surprises when you have finished your import on the visual social network.

BlookUp give you few ideas to organize your favorite social media !

Your Square grid

your grid in the form of a square

Your tile grid

an instagram tile grid

Row by Row grid

your row by row grid

Line in the middle grid

a grid with the line in the middle

Your rainbow grid

a grid with a rainbow presentation

Border feed

a feed with white borders

Puzzle organisation

a puzzle feed

By using the features of this application, you can then use ours to print all your previously defined publications and therefore keep track of your hard work!

Finally, do not hesitate to share your grids with us if you have other ways of presentation. We have only a hurry, it is to discover you different creations

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