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You have a blog on WordPress that you have created several months or several years ago? Do you regularly publish posts and pictures on this private space? Like many people that are passionate? You invest your time and energy to make you blog everyday and like many people, you maybe tell yourself that it would be great if you could one day print the book of your blog. All to keep track of its digital content!

Well, thanks to BlookUp it’s now possible. To save your content, print it for yourself or to offer to others! We have made printing a blog  a reality for all bloggers.

an open blog book

BlookUp is indeed the only platform to offer to print the content of a WordPress blog!  And thus without the need to get into a tiresome process! Nor to install a page setting software.

BlookUp is an online service dedicated to private individuals! It  allows to upload all the content of WordPress blogs (but also from other platforms and social networks) and to lay-out automatically all the parts of that content to turn it into a book or an Ebook.

On the platform, the blogger chooses the publication period, the posts that he wishes to keep, lay-out options such as: typography, titles size, pictures size…

Then, he customises the cover and back cover of its book (that becomes a “blook”, contraction of the words “book” and “blog”).

an open blog book in front of an open computer

The blogger can finally see in a few clicks the preview of its book and if he’s satisfied, he can order it directly online! The book is printed in France and delivered in a few days to its home! And that everywhere in the world. What are you waiting to begin?

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11 thoughts on “Print the book of your WordPress blog

  1. I started out on your fr. language site; fortunately I am still able to read & understand a little bit of French, or I would have missed this post!

    Creating.a ‘Blook’ is a marevelous idea (I made one years ago simply by printing and spiral binding at my local printer), and I’m pleased to see a service for such a thing. Wonderful post!

    ‘Merci’ for sharing and following The Old Fossil Writes!

    1. Thank you very much for your kind message! Feel free to try our service to create your customised book and let us know what you think 🙂
      Have a great day!

  2. Yesterday I was rereading some of my blogs and feeling that I should really put them in a book… and then, a few hours later, you subscribed to my blog page ( Is the Universe friendly or what??? I certainly will begin to look into this seriously, thank you so much.

    1. What were the odds, right? Thank you back for leaving a message, I hope our online solution of blog printing will satisfy you!

        1. It’s worth it, trust me 😉 And don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help!

          Angélique – Team Blookup

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