At BlookUP we specialize in creating personalized books from your social media. Our bestseller is our Facebook book and we want to share a little bit about why our Facebook books are so popular, and how to create you own.

Why you should create a Facebook book

Facebook is a good tool for documenting our best moments. However, we believe these memories deserve to be saved in a physical copy rather than just a digital one. Due to the digitalization of today and the fact we post all our photos, a lot of people miss out on the experience of flicking through a photo album with their family or friends looking back on their memories. It cannot be denied that this experience is incomparable to scrolling on your phone. With BlookUp you can enjoy this experience without having to take the time to print and organize your photos to make the book, as we do that for you.

How to create your Facebook book

Your book can be ready in seconds. Simply follow the link Create my Facebook Book , connect your Facebook account, and select the dates you want included. Then in a matter of seconds, BlookUp will generate your book, including all posts and photos within the specified period, as-well as the number of likes and comments on each post.

Then, once BlookUp has generated your digital book, you can customize your book to suit your taste. With the options to change the front cover, photos, colors, texts and layout you are able to create a book which is truly unique to your personality, which you will love.

For any specific questions concerning our books or our service, please contact our customer service at or visit our FAQ’s

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