Why save your Twitter in a social book?

What’s a social book? It’s the possibility to import content from social media and/or blogs and then print it as a paper book. At Blookup, we give you the possibility to make your own social book from your Twitter! 

But with what aim?

woman with a Twitter book
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How to print the book of your tweets?

So, this is the big day! You have decided to connect to our platform and create the book of your Twitter account  in order to to keep track of your best tweets.

the first page of a twitter book
The book of your Twitter

To do so, you will be able to view the preview of your Twitter book and move to the previous page using the side arrows.

The second button will allow you to go directly to the desired page and have a global view of the book of your tweets.

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Print the book of your brand’s Facebook page!

Turn your brand’s Facebook page into a book with BlookUp!

As a Community manager or Social media manager, the role you play in the online communication of your brand, company or even association is central. Whether you operate within a communication agency or inside your own company, Facebook is a major tool that you use on a daily basis; which implies that you constantly need to keep track of what you do on the page.

That’s exactly what BlookUp offers you. Currently leading the book of blog market in both France and Europe, our platform now targets digital marketing and social media professionals/experts with a physical record allowing them to keep track of their company’s presence on Facebook.

A brand new way of promoting your company

Immortalize your interactions with your fans, your best events or marketing operations, your most popular photos and posts, keeping a written record of your work year after year or even surprise your collaborators, customers and partners by offering them the book of your company’s Facebook… For all these reasons, this product is made for you! BlookUp gives you the opportunity to get your hands on your company’s or brand’s own book. Because there is nothing like a book to record your interactions with your community and keep them close to you.

How does it work?

You can create your book in a few clicks: All you have to do is to sign in to BlookUp.com, choose a Facebook page for which you are the admin and the time span over which you want your book to be about. After having successfully imported the content, the book organizes all your posts, videos, photos, places visited as well as the comments on your page into an smooth layout. This layout remains customizable, which means you can select which type of content you want to keep, change the color of your theme, front and back covers and visualize the changes in real time.

All that’s left for you to do is ordering it online, the book will be shipped within 8 business days at the location of your choice.

What are you waiting for to print and get your hands on the book of your company’s Facebook page ?