Easily print Instagram photos with BlookUp!

Why should you print your instagram photos ? Because back to school period is fast approaching, you’re probably wondering how to compile your memories that are currently drowning and disappearing in your Instagram feed. How can you  save them and relive them again and again?

A person taking a picture of food on their instagram story

BlookUp has an easy and fast solution to transform your Instagram account… into a beautiful book! Pictures, locations, dates, captions, likes, and comments, everything is in it!What are the advantages of such a book? And how do you create one? We’re telling you everything you need to know! 😉

An Instagram Blook Cover

1 – The best of your Instagram close at hand

We share a lot of photos on social media, without necessary thinking of the durability of it. Time flies, photos pile up, and all of our shots are rapidly forgotten.

The inside layout of an Instagram book

By recording your best Instagram photos in a BlookUp book, you are stopping time and in that way saving the best moments of your digital life in a top quality album, to relive it as much as you want, page after page. In 20 years, your book will still be there, ensuring the durability of your memories. Can we be as confident talking about your smartphone or your Instagram?


2 – Rediscover your photos

To leaf through a book enjoying each page, each image, is a unique experience that even the best smartphone screen cannot compete with. A book is eternal. They gives real emotionsand offer a real physical link with the image.

To be the author of a book, to relive the best moments of life alone, with family, or with friends, is a real simple moment of happiness.

A person spiling down to the book of her social media she just received

3 – Your book created in a few clicks!

BlookUp distinguishes itself by its extreme simplicity. To create your book, you just have to go to www.BlookUp.com, select the book format you want and to authenticate your Instagram. You select the period of time you are interested in and let the magic happen: your book is automatically generated in a few seconds. “WOW” guaranteed.

The first pages of an Instagram blook

It is then possible to personalize your book as you want or refine the photo selection. With the book “Top100” for Instagram, BlookUp automatically finds the most popular photos and organizes it in a unique and original book. Hard to make it any simpler!

4 – A gratifying experience… and it’s free!

To discover your own photos in a book is satisfying. And when this same book is generated in only a few seconds, surprise is even bigger!

BlookUp allows you to create a numerical preview of your Instagram book, that you will be able to access online as much as you want. By creating an account on www.BlookUp.com(free), you are saving this book for 3 months, in order to check it again, share it online or order it.

No more excuses to let your best Instagram photos be forgotten, so print your instagram photos now !

Try the BlookUp experience!

BlookUp Book to print your Instagram photos :

To Instagram blooks stacked one on top of the other

-format 20x20cm

-customizable colors and content

-restitution of dates, places, legends, number of “likes” and comments


-22 € for a book of 100 pages (Instagram “Classic”)

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