Print your Twitter account? It’s possible !

Exclusively … What if you could archive your tweets in a few minutes and immortalize them in a book? Well, this is possible thanks to BlookUp. Our e-commerce platform offers you a simple and innovative solution to transform your tweets into a paper book of your Twitter account in pocket format.

Rien de plus simple qu’éditer votre blook…  

To create your book of tweets, you must log on to our website and choose the product “The book of my tweets”. Click on the button “I discover my book”, then connect to your Twitter account, finally, authorize access by a secure protocol from your smartphone, tablet or computer. The creation of the account is free and secure.

You will then need to select the source you want to import and then the period of time that your book will include.

Our Twitter books have a limit of 300 pages, so we recommend that you do not choose too long a period, depending on your frequency of publication.
Don’t worry, you can refresh your Twitter book to change this period at any time and also create multiple volumes.

BlookUp takes care of the automatic generation of your Twitter book, the waiting time generally depends on the size of the content you import, but does not exceed a few minutes.

You can then edit your content as you see fit. Your book finally ready for printing, you just have to launch the order, it will be delivered to you within 8 days!

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