Save the tweets from #confinement on Twitter!

Every day, discover in our BlookSpace all our #blookdujour, social books that raise the news of the day. Find the debates and reactions shared by Internet users on Twitter in these blooks! Since March, we have been living in a particularly new situation … Save your strongest memories with a blook!

What has this containment brought you? How did it hurt you? Have you reacted on your favorite social network all along? Keep track of it.

If this period is new and almost extraordinary, it will have been beneficial for some of us. Between creativity, multiplied time, gone stress … certain aspects of confinement are positive.
We had time for ourselves, and time for our social networks. BlookUp allows you to print your favorite networks and then transforms them into a durable object.


Do not hesitate to consult our Bookspace! Share your experiences by creating your blooks. Sell them on the Blookspace to share it with those around you or with your community 😉

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