Print your summer blook with BlookUp!

Summer, is a season full of new experiences and happy memories. It is the best moment to enrich the content of your social media and your blog!

BlookUp offers you to print your vacation book which will finally allow you to keep a written record of your travels, retracing your adventures day by day and storing them directly in your library to bring them out again at any occasion.

A barbecue kit: A book that turns into one!

If you like making barbecue during the weekend and have a good time with your friends, you might enjoy this concept!


Tramontina, a brazilian brand for kitchen ustensils and the advertising agency JWT have imagined a project more than unique… The concept is simple: a book dedicated to barbecues. What’s the originality of that? Well, it’s not just any book. “The Bible of Barbecue” is a book where each page and the cover turn into a tool or an ingredient for the recipe!

For example, the first page is made of coal and you will have to break it to start your fire, the next one is paper to light it up and so on. As you go along, pages have new functions: sharpen your knife, make an apron, add salt and pepper… The cover is more solid and uses as a cutting board. Smart, don’t you think?

Each chapter correspond to a step: first light the fire, then cook and finally serve your dish!

At the end of the barbecue recipe book  you won’t have any pages left, but your belly will be full! What do you think about this concept?



A hammock and the hat of someone on holiday

Holiday memories  saved in a book!

Many of you enjoy the winter holiday memories, and to explore new horizons and come home full of memories, pictures and ideas. With its platform,  BlookUp offers to print the book of  your holiday directly from your blog!

It is created to tell your vacation to your relatives or held throughout the year. Your blog becomes a few clicks of a superb book to pack in your library or to offer.

Currently adopting a novel file (other formats are coming)!  The blook (contraction of the blog and the book) is transformed into a travel book!  Therefore recounting day by day your adventures and illustrate them using the pictures taken during your trip. Also the ones posted on your blog.

Real book, blook suggested to you,  you finally will keep a written record of your trips and vacations and store them directly into your library for out at any occasion.