Understanding the Instagram algorithm to print the book of my photos

Today, they say that 10% of your community sees your posts in their Instagram feed. For what reason? Well because of the Instagram algorithm!

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Since its creation, it has often changed and is the possible reason why users notice a drop in the impressions of their publications, on the visual social media platform . Currently, the way it functions is too frustrating and confusing but keeps evolving to get to the perfect user experience! It is therefore very important to follow itโ€™s progress! And especially to understand it!

How does the Instagram algorithm 2019 work?

Previously, Instagram based its news feed on a chronological presentation which is no longer the case. Today, it favors the accounts with a high rate of commitment! Therefore, it will imperatively be necessary to put an emphasis on the interactions with your users! Keep an eye on what is being said about you and participate in the conversation in your comments. This is to maintain a high engagement rate!

In short, do not hesitate to start the conversation on your profile or that of someone else!

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In this sense, in addition to a strong presence it is imperative to use features such as stories! It is an excellent means of communication that dominates more and more all the visual platforms! This is an element taken into account by the algorithm especially when you use the features and labels proposed!

The algorithm is also based on your predictive behavior ! Your past and present activity, the people you follow, and the posts you ‘double-tap on are indications to the algorithm to channel your main activity into your mainstream page . You will usually find these predictive posts at the top of your home page.

Regarding the frequency, it is important to plan a time of publication ! To do so identify the best moments during which you can post on your account because the algorithm takes into account the amount of time that your subscribers spend on your publications!

Technicalities are key

Therefore, it is imperative to think about each of your captions to make them the most attractive possible! This way users will be more likely to read and spend more time on your post.

It is recommended to accompany your text with keywords! Instagram today allows up to 30 hashtags. You have the possibility to use them all, but be careful, make sure that each of them are relevant and related to what you are trying to communicate to your audience!

Finally, do not be shy! Feel free to test the various features that are available to your account. Accounts who do so are favored!

In short, by following and respecting the few tips you can be on the “good side” of the algorithm and have an optimized account in order to gain commitment over time!

the analytics of your instagram account

Keeping track of your work is possible! Thanks to BlookUp, you can print the book of your Instagram social network and archive your precious optimized content! Who knows, you may have the opportunity to show it to another user to help him respect the algorithm in turn, in the case that it does not change again! ๐Ÿ™‚

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