Save your account and forget the instagram bugs!

The international bugs of Instagram in 2019:

poeple holding their phones in the air recording on their instagram stories

Instagram and Facebook, the most used social networks in the world, have faced this last year several widespread failures due to a change in the server configuration. This is according to facebook representatives!

The Instagram bug in particular, it was no longer possible to post any content, whether to send a message or post on his story! It was also impossible to consult old posts

During the instagram bug, an error message was constantly appearing:

The instagram bug message that was displayed on a wordlwide scale

An inaccessible social network is always synonymous of panic within its community! The latest finds refuge on other available platforms. Instagram and Facebook users have found refuge on Twitter to express their dissatisfaction, and have on this occasion discovered the platform under several hashtags known today! #Instagramisdown! This keyword has seen many testimonials and shared gifs.

For example, the Numerama site presented the observation of their own Instagram grid! We notice that like for all the other accounts, previously published photos have disappeared and the different thumbnails of Instagram story highlights are no longer visible!

BlookUp is the solution to this kind of problem. Our start-up proposes to import the contents of your social networks and your blogs. Then to shape them to your taste in order to preserve your images and publications of perennial way. Once your book is printed and received at home, you will be safe from the next global bug and will be able to view your content as you see fit without questioning its reappearance!

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