Your Blogger becomes a real book!

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Your Blogger is your confidant.

You tell everything to it.  Your week in the Bahamas, your weekend at the beach, your wedding, your latest cellphone buying or your last Christmas gifts opening!  The scheduling of your vacation, the advance of your work in your new home.

Pictures punctuate it’s pages and mark each passing moment. Your Blogger saw your children grow, followed every step of your last painting ! It has admired all the landscapes you went through.

Though it keep them in memory, your Blogger can’t give you that feeling of happiness you have when you share the best moments of your life with your loved ones, together, gathered around the same memories on a couch!

This is where BlookUp enters the stage. With a few clicks, upload the contents of your Blogger on our online tool, choose your contents, customize your cover, visualize your your creation for free. Finally order your blook! It’s as easy as that !

You save on paper the best of your blog and keep it home ! This allows you to live without the  fear of losing everything in an inappropriate computer crash. From 9€ (around $9.90), you can rearrange your content or theme years and have always with you a book that tells you and about you!

For the more adventurous of you, you can even promote your book by putting it for sale on our online library, the BlookShop. A new public awaits, and it’s all thanks to your Blogger!

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They didi it! They turned their Blogger into a book:

8 thoughts on “Your Blogger becomes a real book!

    1. Neat! Thanks a lot for passing by and for taking the time to leave a message! Have a great day!

    1. Of course it can! We are currently improving our tool in order for it to work better with WordPress (some ofthe new fixes will be over by next Monday), but you can already do the test and click on the “Print my book for free” button on the front page in order to begin importing you WordPress!

      Feel free to contact me again if you have any question through the process!
      Angélique – BlookUp Team

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