The most impressive books of the World !

Last November, we talked about the little book of Evan and his idea to compile all the little pleasures of life. Revisiting this article, a question crossed our minds.

What about the great books? What are they talking about?

Two of them particularly caught our attention, and for one good reason. 

Each of them, in their way, can be considered as the greatest books in the world, although not formalized by the Guinness Book. By the way, did you know?

The greatest book formalized by the Institute of World Records was unveiled by the Mshahed International Group in Dubai in 2012, measures 5m x 8.06m and weighs 1500 kg!

With this in mind, we were already very excited to search for more!

The Tripitaka – Kuthodaw Pagoda, Burma

Kuthodaw stupas

The Tripitaka brings together all the founding texts of the Buddhist religion since the 1st century BC.

However, the “world’s biggest book” – in a symbolic sense – was only born in 1868.

Several tons of written surface are spread over nearly 730 headstones entierely made of marble! Protected in their stupas, small carved temples commemorating Buddha, these imposing stones are about 1.5m tall for about 13cm thick and remain accessible to the public today.

You can go admire and browse this book of several volumes (listed in the Memory of the World Register) at the Kuthodaw Pagoda, gigantic temple designed as a monument to the glory of Buddhism, in Burma.

Kuthodaw headstones

Hours of reading are awaiting… Provided that you can understand Pali!

“Pátria Amada” – Brasilia

Patria Amada Congress Brasilia

Exposed right in front of the Congress building in Brasilia, the book “Pátria Amada” is, according to its author Vinicius Leoncio, “the biggest book in the world”.

With a height of 2m and weighing almost 7 tons, it would be remiss to contradict him!

The lawyer has collected in this book almost four million tax regulations, for a total of 41,266 pages.

This conscientious author, who affectionately and ironically titled his book “Beloved Nation”, denounces the heaviness of the Brazilian tax system where, according to him, “a company passes on average 2,600 hours a year to solve its bureaucracy, against 180 hours of Europe […] in Brazil, we create around 35 tax rules by day.

The story does not say if the Brazilian parliamentarians began to dissect this very complete book, but if simplified tax reforms begin to take shape soon, we can suspect that it would have contributed to their creation.

The next person to make an impression in the world of books may be you!

So if these examples inspired you, you can get started! BlookUp certainly does not propose the Obelisk format yet , but 500 pages make a pretty good start for GREATER projects …

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