Gary Strachan - Corona Chronicles Volume Two

By Gary Strachan - Published on May 4, 2020
Corona Chronicles. - Vol 2 are the author's journals from April 2020 among a backdrop of COVID-19 induced lockdown. An amalgam of jocular and dark chronicles, they describe living through an era of pandemic, requiring adherence to social distancing edicts, along with governmental advocacies to practise hermitry. These narratives include spending a birthday in quarantine, the sad passing of two of his childhood footballing heroes and the angst from knowing he can't have a haircut for three months. Always endeavouring to take positives from situations, the author reflects on these surreal times by observing "Well at least I didn't have to buy a bloody round for a few months!"
15x21 cm / 5.9x8.27 in
193 pages
$ 70.86

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