3 Questions to : Patricia Le Gal, Head of Lorient Archives

Which blook format did you choose? Why?

We opted for the Facebook blook. This format is perfectly suited to our expectations as the majority of the content published on our Facebook page is relayed on other social media platforms. We also share more information about the visits organized by the animation of Lorient’s heritage on Facebook than we publish in full on other networks.

Quotes about the book

What purpose do the blooks serve?

The Facebook database is not open to the general public and we have no information on the sustainability of this platform. Indeed, if one day Facebook closes, we will have no record of our digital presence. So the blooks offer us a way to keep a proof of our activity on social networks, since we don’t know how long they will exist. We use blooks to archive publications that have been shared on our Facebook page.

It can also be used as a tool for reporting and optimizing the communication strategy. The book is very useful to review the actions started online and to measure their effectiveness in order to decide whether or not these strategies  are to keep or to set aside.

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Facebook blooks of the Lorient Archives

Discover our Facebook blook!

What is your assessment of the quality of the blooks and of your BlookUp experience?

We liked the blook format very much and I find that there are only forces to it. I showed it to our collaborators who really appreciated the quality of the copy and we put the blooks carefully in an archival magazine for fear of damaging them.

The service offered by your team is very fast. Indeed, we presented our expectations to our BlookUp contact and 2-3 days after we had already received the templates to flip through online. And three weeks later the books arrived! A reactive team, a very positive contact too… In short, an overall very pleasant experience. In fact, we would like to renew our order for 2019.

We thank Patricia Le Gal for answering our questions!

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