Have you ever thought of saving or printing your Facebook page or profile in a book?

Social media have become indispensable tools for individuals and businesses alike. We count several social media today, but Facebook remains the most used social media in the world.

You have a personal profile or you manage a Facebook page. BlookUp allows you to save and print the content of your profile or your page!
The platform also allows you to retrieve your: statuses, photos, videos, geolocation, and even likes… Everything is imported and automatically formatted, just like your profile or your page!

How to use BlookUp to save your Facebook content? 

  1. Select the Facebook book you want to create “my Facebook book” for profiles and “my Facebook fan page book” for pages
  2. Click on “I discover my book” to arrive on the connection window and authorize the import of your content. Afterwards, you will be able to make sure that your content can fit in the 300 page limit thanks to the “publication period”!
  3. If your account has a lot of content spread over several years, don’t worry! Just add your volume 1 in your cart and create your volume 2 and volume 3 if necessary.

Once the import is finished, you can customize it as you want.
It’s your turn to create your blook.

3 Questions to : Patricia Le Gal, Head of Lorient Archives

Which blook format did you choose? Why?

We opted for the Facebook blook. This format is perfectly suited to our expectations as the majority of the content published on our Facebook page is relayed on other social media platforms. We also share more information about the visits organized by the animation of Lorient’s heritage on Facebook than we publish in full on other networks.

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Essilor keeps an eye on their online activity! 

The peculiarity of social media platforms is even the densest content can vanish within seconds in news feeds. In this context, the study, analysis and archiving of these contents can be a work as colossal as it is time-consuming. Unless you call BlookUp!

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