How to print the book of your tweets?

So, this is the big day! You have decided to connect to our platform and create the book of your Twitter account  in order to to keep track of your best tweets.

the first page of a twitter book
The book of your Twitter

To do so, you will be able to view the preview of your Twitter book and move to the previous page using the side arrows.

The second button will allow you to go directly to the desired page and have a global view of the book of your tweets.

Preview for the book of a twitter book
Preview window for the book of your Twitter

Personalize and preview your content!

The second button on the left menu allows you to customize your cover with a photo of your choice. You can also change the title, title, title, and biography of the cover!

Preview for the cover of the book of  a twitter book
A preview window for the book of your twitter

The third button is the editor to choose the best tweets to print or to modify.

Furthermore, you can choose a shorter period thanks to the date selection and the type of content (text, quote, photo, etc.) to insert into your Twitter book.

Content selection for the Twitter book from the blookup platform
Preview window for the content selection of your Twitter book

Once you’ve made your selections, you must click the first eye-shaped button on the sidebar to refresh the book of your twitter account..

And now,  just like magic, you can discover the book of your twitter account and order it to receive it at home within 8 days!

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