ADP’s digital content on the runway for a new departure!

On social media platforms, posts have a lifetime of only a few hours before vanishing completely. BlookUp finds a way around the immediacy of social media by materializing your content with “blooks”. 

Logo of the ADP group

Group ADP – previously Aéroports de Paris – wanted to prolong the effects of their posts and highlight their digital endeavors. Arnaud Gaulupeau, community and influence manager of Paris Aéroport, talks about the various uses of the blook within the group:

Person at the ADP headquarters reading the blook of their social media

Let’s start from the beginning, how many kinds of ADP blooks have you printed?

Arnaud Gaulupeau : We have printed our Facebook & Instagram books for 2018, as well as the Top 100 tweets of our Chief Executive Officer Mr Augustin de Romanet and our Executive Officer Mr Edward Arkwright.

What have you used the ADP social media blooks for ? 

A. G. : Our Instagram book is as a substitute to our traditional end-of-the-year chocolates and gifted to our clients and partners. The book for our Facebook page was dedicated to an internal use in order to highlight our communications actions on the social network. The Twitter books were used as an end-of-the-year gift for the executive committee of the ADP Group.

The blook of the ADP social media

“Our clients, just like our partners were enticed by the book !”

What were your goals ?

A. G. : Our goals vary from one network to the other so each book had its own purpose. For example with Instagram we were looking to obtain visibility through the use of our blook. And this unique goodie made it happen !

The use of this “gift” has enabled us to show that we are a big group capable of innovating. Our Facebook blook is a marvelous internal review support. It is an efficient document highlighting our community management work alongside our board in a clear and impacting way, and it is also a valuable archiving tool.

A view from the inside of tjhe ADP headquarters

“We also wish to use this item during the Paris Air Show for its fun, quirky and nevertheless institutional aspect.”

What were your impressions when you discovered the blook ?

A. G. : I was enticed by it for several reasons. The first time I saw a blook, I thought that the formats completely fit the social networks they were associated to : a square for Instagram, a portrait form for Facebook and pocket size for Twitter. The high quality of the images and the paper as well as the customization options of the cover of the blook were a major plus in my opinion.

Inside the aeroport of paris headquarters

And I really liked the item itself : its originality, its somewhat vintage appearance, the quirkiness of adapting a digital content in print form and the pleasure of flipping through the book and offering it! !

What were the reactions of the people to whom you have gifted the blooks ?

A. G. : Our clients, just like our partners were enticed by the book ! And we were the first (and only ones) to have offered them a blook.

Are you going to make new blooks for 2019 ?

A. G. : We will use them again for our next wishes! We also wish to use this item during the Paris Air Show for its fun, quirky and nevertheless institutional aspect.

On the other hand we have set up a communications plan with our ambassadors. Printing their content via a blook could certainly be an interesting way to promote and highlight their work.

We would like to thank Arnaud Gaulupeau for answering our questions !

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