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BlookSpace is a unique space for preserving and protecting your digital data. With just a few clicks, you can publish, share and sell your book from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, blog or PDF, and share it with your community!

1 – Create a blook :

Once you’ve finalized and purchased your book, go to the “My books” tab in your account to put it up for sale

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2- Publish your book :

You can add a description and share the page on your social networks to spread the word. Visitors can also share or order it.

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3- Watch your kitty grow :

After each sale, you earn 10% of the selling price of your blook, and these profits go into your kitty. To get them back, just make a few clicks and transfer your earnings to your bank account.

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This tiny book is full of happiness !

This is the end of the week. The week-end is almost here, so we decided to share a lovely project with you.


The artist Evan made the tiniest book we have ever seen, untitled « The small pleasures of life ». The idea was to list all the little pleasures everybody can have in his everyday life : drinking a good coffee, reading a book, writing blog articles, watching the stars,… Every little pleasure, memory or feeling is summarized in a few words on one page, and illustred by a very simple drawing on the other page.

plaisir-odeur-pluie plaisir-livre-ballon

This is such a beautiful idea, full of happiness and poetry ! Every one should own this kind of book 🙂

plaisir-enlever-petit-truc-coince-dent plaisir-debarrasser-enveloppe-corporelle