Sell your books on BlookSpace

BlookSpace is a unique space for preserving and protecting your digital data. With just a few clicks, you can publish, share and sell your book from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, blog or PDF, and share it with your community!

1 – Create a blook :

Once you’ve finalized and purchased your book, go to the “My books” tab in your account to put it up for sale

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2- Publish your book :

You can add a description and share the page on your social networks to spread the word. Visitors can also share or order it.

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3- Watch your kitty grow :

After each sale, you earn 10% of the selling price of your blook, and these profits go into your kitty. To get them back, just make a few clicks and transfer your earnings to your bank account.

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Join us on BlookUp, to create, publish, share and sell your books in just a few clicks.

Les Oliviers du Taulisson and their several books!

Les Oliviers du Taulisson is one of our loyal customers. They have published content and printed several blooks so far ! Can you believe it?!

Each of their blooks represents a period of their life, their memories, their daily life. Once you start flipping through it, you can’t stop.

BlookUp gave Guy and Dina the ability to import their content from their instagram account, format it to their liking and print it.

In order to keep a permanent record, they have created colorful books that blend perfectly with their interior. So practical to put in their library so they can share all their best moments with their clients, family and friends.

Why not do the same?
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