Giant Flipbooks in the woods of New Hampshire

If you venture in the woods outside the city of Strafford, New Hampshire, you most likely will stumble upon several giant Flipbooks. You probably owned a similar (but smaller) version of those as a child.

For those who are not familiar with Flipbooks, the idea is simple. They are books filled with drawings that, as you flip through the pages, create an animation and tell you a short story.


Mobile Studio, an architecture firm based in London. They  applied this concept on a much larger scale with the help of children from the local summer camp called Beam Camp. The result is astonishing !  Giant boxes filled with drawings that you can flip through with a crank!

But we are not done yet,  the boxes containing the drawings were built in such a way that the boxes will reflect their surroundings (here the woods) during the day using a special film on the panels, and let the mechanism visible at night thanks to in-built LEDs.



Due to the Flipbooks’ close link with nature, the young campers decided to draw each flap so that it will create animations of bird behavior when one would crank through the book’s pages. “These are the world’s largest mechanical flipbooks ever made as stated by Mobile studio’s director Chee-Kit lai.


Source Photos credits: Emily Wilson

                                                     An article by BlookUp 

Hemmeling Rom, the library in the woods…

Last year we had you discover Newmarket’s mobile library. But reading in town, even in a park, was still a little bit too… Déjà vu, right?

So, you like to read but you can’t stand the metro alarms, the screeching of the tramway rails or being shaked onthe bus?

Despite all the magic contained in your book, despite all the nice turns of phrase, you can’t get into it as you are forced to check for your next stop or detach your hand off the bar to which you were hanging in order to turn your page while you are suffocating, standing between two very close neighboors?

Forget the stress and constant distractions with this library of dreams! Secret Library Hemmelig Rom exterior view

Designed by the americans of Studio Padron ! The “Hemmeling Rom” (or “Secret Chamber” in Norwegian) is a cabin of 200 squared meters entirely made of oak, furnished with a bed, a chair, a desk and a wood-burning stove.  Everything you need to curl, warm, comfortable, with a good book in hand and plenty of others lining on the walls all around!

Secret Library Hemmelig Rom stove and bed

For those who love solitude and calm, the joy is complete as the library is completely isolated !  Lost somewhere in the woods of the state of New York, United States. It’s an essential travel stop for true books and new experiences lovers!

Secret Llibrary Hemmelig Rom windows and shelves


Article source – photos credits : Jason Koxvold