6 unusual Christmas gifts for books lovers

We told you last week that books are the most popular Christmas gifts in France… and we love this fact ! But if you really want to be original this year, here are some ideas of unusual gifts only made for books lovers…!

1- The perfect bookcase to keep all your books organized


2- The book light


3- The book of your blog, to keep all of your articles and photos !


4- The bookmark to know exactly where you stopped reading your book


5- The candle which smells old books… to create a cosy atmosphere !


6- The perfect mug to drink your tea or coffee while reading your favorite book… or blook !




Books are the most popular Christmas gifts

Finding nice gifts for Christmas can be hard sometimes. But no need to find something very original, simples gifts are usually more appreciated than others. This year, books are still the most popular Christmas gifts in France, and new technologies will not change this.

Rear view of redhead reading at christmas

The main reason is that books don’t cost you a lot, and you can be sure that it will be appreciated by the one who will receive this beautiful gift. A lot of French people will discover a few books under the Christmas tree on the 24th of December for sure.

If you want to be original this year, you should offer a blook to your friends or family ! You can print your blog or theirs : holidays, recipes or family blog… this will definitely be a good idea !