Add an extra personal touch to your PDF Book or Album with its cover !

1- First, choose a color that reflects the spirit of your book

2- Choose a cover style to give character to your blook! Make sure you choose a high-quality image (at least 885×1240 pixels for PDF Books and at least 1192×1554 pixels for PDF Albums)

3- Fill in the title, subtitle and author name you want to appear here. These fields are filled in by default

4- Select an image from your computer to integrate into an existing template

5- Write your biography and the summary of your book: Be careful with the number of characters, make sure that everything appears on your preview !

6- Select an image from your computer to be used as the author’s portrait for your 4th cover.


Do you have a PDF and want to turn it into a book ?

BlookUp lets you format your content using the software of your choice, convert your document into a PDF and upload it to our :

Personalize your book with our tool and voilà !

All that’s left to do is print your PDF on quality paper, in A5 format, with a soft cover and matte finish ideal for showcasing your densest work. Whether you’re writing a novel, composing songs and poems, drafting business documents, creating comics or simply have a keen idea of what the perfect layout is, then your PDF book is for you !