Facebook Pages blooks now available!

John Davis with his Facebook Blook

Facebook pages ! We talked about it at the end of last month: BlookUp has finally developed a new book exclusively made for Facebook, made to make the most out of your profiles!

But … There was something missing, wasn’t there?


Of course !

You may have tried to import your profile, but the rendering seemed too messy after all these years of various publications? Or were all these contents finally too personal to be edited and you’d rather not try this adventure?

On the other hand, you have a Facebook page. An “official” profile, organized, thematic, full of fascinating thoughts and works that you really want to turn into a paper book and share around you?

Inner and outer Facebook blook of John Davis

Import today your  Facebook Pages, your universes. Statuses, photos, videos, likes and comments…

Everything is imported and automatically formatted, in the same way profiles are! For starters, it’s very simple: Just do as if you were importing your personal journal on BlookUp:

How to import your Facebook Pages

Choose your page in the list, choose a publishing period, click on “Continue” and let’s go!

Create the book of your Facebook Page!

And enjoy 20% off your order withe the promo code FACEBLOOKPAGE, valid until 10/01/2017 !

16 thoughts on “Facebook Pages blooks now available!

  1. Bro/team — as a digital marketing and measurement strategist, although bloggin’ isn’t my bread maker, you really outta LINK your images to the source/call to action. much stronger engagement & conversion rates whether you are doing this for business practicality or simply socializing an idea.

    Cool thought no doubt. at some point the look and feel of a hard-cover will come back retro-mode, just like ecommerce shopping will have a valley in the next decade (but then come back due to practicality lol!). Good stuff for sure!

      1. You’re welcome. We would definitely like to collaborate with you on an article. However, we wonder which conditions are required to do so. We hope to hear from you soon.
        Nesty – Le Gold Travel team

    1. You are welcome! We love what you do and are thrilled to hear that you chose to emphasise quality rather than quantity, keep up the good work and have a very nice day too!

    1. Hello!

      The price is defined by the number of pages, which will depend on the lenght of your articles, the number of pictures you have…

      You can see all the pricing details here : https://www.blookup.com/en/faq/#faq-2-1

      Don’t hesitate to contact me again if you have any other question!

      Angélique – Team BlookUp

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