3 Questions to : Christophe Cottret-Clément / Social Media Manager MACSF

MACSF (or La Mutuelle d’assurances du corps de santé français) is an insurance company , Known as the leading insurer of healthcare professionals.

the mascf logo

Which blooks have you created and in what context have you been using them?

For our Facebook and Instagram accounts for an in-company use so as to increase the visibility of posts that are shared on both plateforms.

The popularity and the visual dimension of Facebook truly motivated us to create the Facebook blook. As for Instagram, it is quite original for an insurance company to use this platform. We wanted to highlight that idea of novelty and the blooks were really useful in achieving that.

a boat with the MACSF LOGO

The blooks enable us to flip through a year whilst avoiding finger tendonitis!

What motivated the MACSF to use the blooks?

It is very interesting to share our online actions with our team members and managers that can be “disconnected” from online platforms. The blooks were highly enjoyed ! Even more by the collaborators who are not present on social media.

We are away from the instantaneity and fast pace of these sites. The blooks enable us to flip through a year whilst avoiding a finger tendonitis!

The displayed blooks of the MACSF

How would you assess the quality of the blooks and your BlookUp experience?

The paper and the printing job are high in quality. Also, the pre-production work and the final finish is impeccable. I had very pleasant exchanges with your commercial team as well. As a result, I would consider this to be a highly positive experience.

In the future, we might use blooks of the other accounts of our company ! Or as business gifts or during trade exhibitions. I recently made an order to update our existing blooks and to give away more copies on our premises.

We thank Christophe Cottret-Clément for answering our questions!

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