Le Haut de la pile : a reading box for books lovers !


Nowadays, people don’t take time to go to the bookshop and choose a book. Opening a book and being only focused on the story is not part of our everyday life anymore. This is why a new french start-up has been created. Le Haut de la pile was born from the wish of two young reading lovers : Xavier-Emmanuel Moreau and Zoé Cadé, who decided to take the crazy challenge of sending a reading box to their clients.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe concept is really simple. You just need to order a box and choose one of the booksellers on the website.  You can read their profiles and see which kind of book or authors they like. Then, you will receive one or a few book(s) (depending on which box you chose) thoroughly picked by the bookseller according to what you like. You will receive the box at home, and the only thing you will have to do will be to take time to read the book 🙂

Le Haut de la pile wants to re-create a relationship between the booksellers and the readers, and chooses to send only little-known books. This is a beautiful idea !


A short stories distributor in Grenoble, France


What an incredible idea ! The start-up Short Edition just launched its very new concept : a short stories distributor. Everyone can discover a short story just by pressing one of the 3 buttons. This is definitely a good way to enjoy your time while standing in line !

Of course, the start-up needs new stories everyday. It is the reason why a specific website has just been created. Every writer can share his stories… and it works ! Everyday, Short Editions receives hundreds of short stories and cartoons : a good way to supply the distributors.

The concept is being tested in Grenoble, France, with 8 distributors placed in different places of the city. We are pretty sure it is going to be a big success !



Blookshop: Manage the contents of your book!

First there is the blookshop !

To put your blook on the blookshop you can from now on modify your blook directly on the interface of the site, it is finally possible! At BlookUp, we have quite implemented with the aim of supplying you tools adequate to manage your blooks. Visualize from now on the final result and make the last spelling modifications or of layout, before making your command.

Our improvements are going to allow you to have an overview of the depiction of your blook and to give you the capacity to arrange him as you think best, an evolution of the service BlookUp intended to personalize every blook. To have a platform always more intuitive is the fundamental objective within our teams.

Make your blook for you and your family! Now!

Various houses with diffrent colors

Blookshop: shop window of your blooks.

You have a blog for your association or your projects, you can go farther! Do not content any more with creating your blook, make the promotion on BlookShop there! And earn money!

Real on-line shop window(showcase) of your works, Blookshop will allow you not only to sell your blooks and it’s contents but also to improve your natural referencing. Your book will be connected then automatically with your blog during searches on Google.

Do not wait any more, put your blook in sale. Set your price and give the book of your blog for most great pleasure of your circle of acquaintances and your readers!