Print your Blogspirit book

Blogspirit, is a hosting platform that allows you to create blogs. Some of the services offered to members are free, others are not. 

What do we import from your Blogspirit blog ?

BlookUp will import your posts in their entirety so that the blog book is as representative as possible of your online post.

We also import the category, date, tags to allow you to organize your blook according to the most relevant criteria. But first, you need to enter your login details for this to work.

Once we have imported all the necessary data, you can use it to produce your custom blog book by customizing it.

I create my blog book from Blogspirit !!!

Blog book cover blue

A blog book ? It is possible, thanks to BlookUp !

Do you want to be able to consult your blog at any time and share it with all your loved ones in a simple and creative way? Don’t wait any longer to create your blook! Keep your writings and memories alive in a real social book.

In this new article, we will explain the main steps to create your blook! The choice between book or album, and the final step of ordering.

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Turn your Blogspirit blog into a book

You have a blog on Blogspirit? Did you know that you could now turn all your contents into a book? Well it’s possible thanks to BlookUp!


What would you feel about making your memories or your writings real? Think about all the posts you’ve patiently written during all those years… BlookUp invented an easy and quick way for you to create the book of your Blogspirit blog, but we also offer to import digital contents from other blog platforms and social networks!

a blog spirit book opened next to a computer

Thanks to BlookUp you can now import all or just a part of your contents by simply connecting yourself to your blog thanks to a secured application. With the content editor, your posts are automatically laid-out and in a few clicks you have a nice book printed in high quality and delivered at home in 8 business days, even for just one copy!

You can of course customize your book by choosing the format, the font and also the design of the cover and back cover. BlookUp offers you several templates for those, but you can also choose to import the creation of your choice with the “100% custom” option. Bonus: the title of your blook will be displayed on the edge of the book, always a nice touch in a bookcase!

A person holding.a. blog spirit book in her hands

Come on, don’t hesitate and order your blook now to immortalize your blog!