Create several volumes : it’s an easy game!

Do you have a lot of contents that you want to print them but you are afraid that they won’t fit in 1 book? BlookUp is here to help you 🙂

BlookUp team always made sure to simplify the life of their customers by creating new tools or updating their system. Therefore, they have introduce a tool where you can create several volumes and print all you contents of your social media or your blog in just one click.

There is 2 simple steps to follow:

1- You start by importing your content to the blook of your choice. Once done, a pop up message will appear on your screen.

You have to add your first volume, of course after the editing , to your cart in order to start the next one.

2- Once you add it to your cart, another message will pop up and all you have to do is click on “make next volume”.

You should repeat the steps until all your contents are imported in 2 or more blooks. Be aware that once we detect that all your posts are well split in the blooks we stop showing the second message.

Finally, all you have to do is place your order and wait for your blooks collection to arrive!

Print your travel blog

When you go on a trip, you always want to keep in touch with your relatives and keep a track of those beautiful moments… And the best way to do that is very simple: make a blog and write all about your adventures!

BlookUp allows you to easily import your digital contents to make them into a beautiful book to remember every moment of your journey! In order to do that, you have to prepare your blog: insert legends under your photos, check misspellings and the order of your posts, add categories.

All you have to do then is to select the posts you want to be printed in your blook (contraction of the words “blog” and “book”): and that’s it! You’re free to create several books from one blog, one per year or one per country.

BlookUp allows you to print the book of your blog from one copy, with a price according to the number of pages, that you receive directly at home. You keep all the copyrights, and you can also decide to make your blook public and sell it in our BlookSpace!

That’s it: you’re ready for your big adventure and become a great blogger (and blooker)!

BlookUp protects your data

One of the BlookUp commitments is that we use a range of standardized security procedures and technology to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

Things you should know:

  1. Blook up respects the right to privacy of visitors and members of its site.
  2. We only collect personal information that you voluntarily provide to us via our Site or via the pages of the social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) owned by BlookUp.
  3. In general, Personal Information that you provide us with is used to respond to the requests that you make, or to help us serve you better in the context of a new service.
  4. We do not sell, do not rent or share your Personal Information with third parties and we will not disclose any financial information as part of your Personal Information.
  5. You have the right to ask us to update, correct, supplement or delete any personal information we hold about you at no cost.
  6. Links to other websites or blogs is made for information purposes. We are not responsible for their contents and have no control over it.
  7. We can create records of Anonymous Information based on the Personal Information by excluding data (such as your name) that personally identifies you to provide you with information and relevant third parties’ services.

Now you know how much we take care of our users! So don’t hesitate, visit our website and create your blook.

Create your blog magazine

You wanted to create your own magazine but you did not know where and how? BlookUp is here for you.

Print right now your blog in a book of 20×27 cm!

This size format is ideal. You can create a family album, an album of journey or holidays, its own cookbook or another professional review.

Who says larger blook, says fewer pages.

Indeed, this size can be realized in 200 pages maximum, but 4 photos in size portrait bring in on a single page what allows you to have more contents with a bigger and finer book. The use is different from a size 15×21 cm but it stays of the self-publishing in a very interesting price!

The minimum page number is the same as the smallest size: 24 pages are enough for creating a book. But even if the size of the mag blook gets bigger, the price does not almost change!

To you to play: create your own magazine by clicking here!

Print your brand’s Facebook page!

Turn your brand’s Facebook page into a book with BlookUp!

As a Community manager or Social media manager, your role in the online communication of your brand or company is important. Whether you operate within a communication agency or inside your own company, you use Facebook as a tool on a daily basis; which implies that you constantly update your page therefore you should always keep track of what you do on it.

That’s exactly what BlookUp offers you. Our platform targets digital marketing and social media professionals/experts with a physical record allowing them to keep track of their company’s presence on Facebook.

A brand new way of promoting your company

Immortalize your interactions with your fans, your best events or marketing operations, your most popular photos and posts, keeping a written record of your work year after year or even surprise your collaborators, customers and partners by offering them the book of your company’s Facebook… For all these reasons, this product is made for you! BlookUp gives you the opportunity to get your hands on your company’s or brand’s own book.

How does it work?

You can create your book in a few clicks:

  • You have to sign in to, choose a Facebook page for which you are the admin and the time span over which you want your book to be about
  • Import your content
  • Edit your post: after having successfully imported the content, the book organizes all your posts, videos, photos, places visited as well as the comments on your page into an smooth layout. This layout remains customizable, which means you can select which type of content you want to keep, change the color of your theme, front and back covers and visualize the changes in real time and even add photos from your library

All that’s left for you to do is ordering it online!

What are you waiting for to print and get your hands on the book of your company’s Facebook page ?

Create a book from your PDF document!

Are you tired of creating and linking your works? Especially since the result looks more like student work than something professional? Don’t worry, once again the BlookUp team will helps you solve your problem and stand out! Create your own paper book from PDF today.

Simple and fast, thanks to us you don’t even have to start a blog to print your own book anymore.

The procedure is very simple

First of all, you must:

  • Write your text or format your photos (whatever software you use, it is always possible to create a pdf)
  • Save your work under the PDF format

Once logged into, the easiest part begins:

  • Choose the PDF blook
  • At the first step, be careful to choose the format that corresponds to your pdf: A4 corresponds to 20x27cm in blook format and A5 to 15x21cm (the smallest)
  • Let yourself be guided to make your cover with or without a photo and in the color of your choice
  • Generate and preview your blook

That’s it ! Visualize it, modify your cover until the last moment if necessary then order!

Create your blog book!

Here you can find everything you need to know about our blog blook. Keep scrolling!

  • Our partners

To create your blook, the content you want to transform into a book has to be from one of our partners : WordPress, Blogger, Overblog, Skyrock or Canalblog

  • Customizing general options

A blog blook can be either a Blog Book (15x21cm) or a Blog Album (format 20x27cm). The Layout of our editing tool will allow you to easily:

  1. Choose a predefined layout style
  2. Choosing a font and size for your titles and text, as well as a size for your images
  3. Enable or disable page breaks after each article
  4. Choose the position of your table of contents, or choose not to display it
  • Customizing your cover

Bring your personal touch to you blook by customizing its cover!

  1. Choose a color
  2. Choose between a soft or hard cover cover
  3. Choose your cover model 
  4. Fill in the title, subtitle and author’s name.
  5. Select an illustration . Be careful to choose a high-quality image (at least 885×1240 pixels for the Blog Books and at least 1192×1554 pixels for the Blog Albums)
  6. Write your biography and the summary of your book
  7. Select an image from your computer that will be used as a author’s portrait 
  • Edit your content
  1. Use the date selection tool to start and finish your book on dates that suit you and/or allow you to fit within 400 pages!
  2. To sort your articles by category: click on “Chapter Mode”
  3. Reverse the order of all your items at once 
  4. De-select or select all your posts at once
  5. To include or exclude individually 
  6. Reorder articles 
  7. Change the content of each article individually 
  8. Add photo from your library

Visit our website and start creating your own blog book now!

Print your Instagram photos with BlookUp!

Are you wondering why you should print your instagram photos ? Well the answer is simple! You want to save your memories that are currently drowning and disappearing in your Instagram feed. But where? This article is just for you!

BlookUp is the answer! It is an easy and fast solution to transform your Instagram account into a beautiful book! Pictures, dates and captions everything is in it! Let’s take a look on what are the advantages of such a book and how do you create one:

1 – The best of your Instagram close at hand

We share a lot of photos on social media, without necessary thinking of the durability of it. Time flies, photos pile up, and all of your shots are rapidly forgotten.

By printing your Instagram photos in a BlookUp instagram blook, you are stopping time and in that way saving the best moments of your digital life in a top quality album, to relive it as much as you want, page after page. In 20 years, your book will still be there, ensuring the durability of your memories.

2– Your book created in a few clicks!

BlookUp distinguishes itself by its extreme simplicity. To create your book, you just have to go to, select the book format you want and to authenticate your Instagram. You select the period of time you are interested in and let the magic happen PS: your book is automatically generated in a few seconds.

To discover your own photos in a book is satisfying. And when this same book is generated in only a few seconds, surprise is even bigger!

BlookUp allows you to create a numerical preview of your Instagram book, that you will be able to access online as much as you want. By creating an account for free on, you are saving this book for 3 months, in order to check it again, share it online or order it.

No more excuses to let your best Instagram photos be forgotten, so print your instagram photos now !

World Photography Day: 3 tips for photo lovers!

Today, Wednesday August 19, BlookUp is celebrating World Photography Day! To mark the occasion, take a look at the 3 best photo tips.

  • The perfect spot

Whatever your camera type is, the most important thing is to choose your playground, like the rooftops, the hills or even monuments will offer you breathtaking shots, whatever the weather!

  • Editing apps for your smartphone

Photo retouching will never be about distorting the image, but about refreshing and personalizing while remaining natural. There are several apps that you can download for free on your smartphone.

  • Create a blook of your best photos

After posting your photos on social networks or on your blog, BlookUp lets you print and save your “arts” in a blook in order to keep track of all your online work, your best moments with your family and friends. All these souvenirs will now be at hand’s reach, ready to be comfortably reviewed again.