Bookroo: children books in a box !

kids-readingDo you have children, nephews, nieces or godchildren?  Do you still have trouble finding what kind of books to offer them?

Our kind always used reading as a communication tool between generations. And as such, we want to transmit values, memories. But we can sometimes be afraid to impose them or to invest too early, to shock, to not be understood.In short, it’s not so easy to choose!

Well, take a deep breath because BlookUp found the perfect solution to offer books all year round without fearing the lack of idea!

Discover Bookroo!

The Bookroo logo Bookroo consists in a 1, 3, 6 or 12-month subscription. During which you will receive at home (within all US territory and also Canada, for an additional $11 per month). 

Each month, a box filled with books chosen for you in accordance with the way you filled out the subscription form!

Customization options are limited to the kids’ age (from 0 to 2 and 2 to 6). The idea is really to send you (or to the kids you are offering the gift to) books “that you don’t already know and are not easy to be found online or in stores”. 

Examples of books available in the Bookroo box
Those books, for example, were the ones sent during the last few months!


So it’s a whole surprise that is coming in a beautiful cardboard box, and within it, books separately and elegantly wrapped like presents!

Do you like the idea? Well, go to Bookroo now, choose your subscription time and spread culture, values and imagination all around you!

Story Pod : a new kind of library in Newmarket (Canada)

Last week, we discovered the Blook and Bed Hotel, a very original hotel based in Tokyo, where bedrooms are seperated by books. This week, we are going to Canada to discover an other original concept.


In Toronto (Canada), some people have created a library for the city of Newmarket. It is a big black cube which produces light by night thanks to the solar energy. During the day, this cube becomes a library which looks like a book. People can come over and read a book while sitting on the grass around. There are books for everyone : children, teenagers, adults… everyone will find what he wants.

This is such a good way to encourage people reading !

2 3

A box full of books in the street (France)

Would you love sharing your books with others and discovering new books for free ? Well, this is possible ! In Moulleau, South of France, a box has been installed in the street. The concept is very simple : you put a book you loved (or not) in the box, and you can choose an other one and take it for free. The goal is to discover new authors or stories and to share with others.

livre blog

On the box is written : « Take the time to read… In this box, you can leave one or a few book(s) you loved. It is free access. Every one can borrow a book and read it on a bench before redepositing it in the box.” 

The idea has been developed in other cities of France, and hundreds of people have joined the concept. If you are curious and like reading books, this was definitely made for you !