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At the end of 2016, we gave you informations about BlookUp‘s blogging and social networking activities. Today, we – already- have to update you on the situation!



In the first place (yes, we start the article by the last element of our title, like some kind of blog punks), we would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart for your growing support, your shares, your commitment…

In 2017, significant subscriptions goals have been reached for all our communication platforms, and that is obviously thanks to you!


logo-wordpress-blueGOAL REACHED: 5,000 SUBSCRIBERS

The blog is still there, in French (here) and in English (here. Like, no, really, no need to click, you’re already there ūüėČ ), but as some have noticed, our publication rhythm has kind of declined;¬†No more publications on Tuesdays and Fridays but don’t panic, we explain why!

The first reason to this is simply our desire to propose a unique rendez-vous, every Wednesday, in order to make every article more  like a weekly celebrity coming to sign autographs at a given time. Punctuality is key!

The second reason is also quite simple, and that’s…


Tumblr is the latest active network of BlookUp. This microblogging platform will be ideal to share with you the daily life of our startup!

Our Tumblr will be more like a Facebook page, a Twitter or an Instagram account, with a freer and more casual tone. The publications are to be short but more numerous, and this is why WordPress articles, longer and therefore more demanding in terms of research and writing, will be posted once a week to ensure their quality!

That being said, if you have a Tumblr account (or if you are just curious!), Subscribe to this new blog and enter the daily BlookUp life, joys, pains, environment, team… And much more!


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There are also some changes on the social networks side, which regularly relay each publication from the WordPress blog (and soon Tumblr), and had a fairly fixed number of publications per day… Now we blow up the locks, get free, and we post, we share, we react live!

We are as well increasing the emphasis on mages… For the pure pleasure of the eyes!


So, are you ready to choose your favorite platform(s)? Subscribe, and don’t be shy: Participate!¬†😄

Interview: hiMe printed the book of her story as a Refugee

Summer is light and joyful, but many things can happen under the sun. Some are less light, but are also essential to know, essential to History and Memory. It might take a while, but things do get lighter and sunnier when you begin to write them down.

hiMe, from the blog A Refugee’s Journey,¬†shares all that with you today: Her journey, her blog, her blook.


First, tell us about yourself : You, your passions, your hobbies, your projects…
I was a refugee and resettled in Melbourne, Australia in 1984 after ‚Äč spending four years trying¬†to escape the communist regime in Vietnam‚Äč . While trying to flee, I experienced ‚Äč being¬†hunted, shot at‚Äč, ‚Äč imprisoned and one of the many witnesses to the rape of my female defectors‚Äč.

I love ‚Äč singing‚Äč, ‚Äč acting‚Äč and ‚Äč writing‚Äč.



Before the Fall of Saigon in 1975, I was voted the Head of Press, in charge of the production of my class’ wall newspaper every semester in high school.

In the 1990s, I used to write satire poems for a Vietnamese newspaper in Sydney for years before I got married.

I joined Vietnamese and Australian community choirs as well as theatre groups.

My other hobby is to translate English songs and novels into Vietnamese.


What is your blog about and why did you want to address this subject when starting it?
I was encouraged to turn my attention to writing because of its emotional therapeutic effect.

‘A Refugee’s Journey’, a blook waiting to be read!


From what I encountered since arriving in Australia as a lonely, young and naive refugee and was ‚Äč ‚Äútaken into care‚ÄĚ by the Church‚Äč, I have a need to tell my story to the public.

There was also a heavy past with life under the communist regime as well as ‚Äč my escape ‚Äč and the refugee camp‚Äč that I want to document.

Not to forget are memories of ‚Äč my life before the Communist took over‚Äč and situations I faced in my new life in Australia: ‚Äč living with the enemy‚Äč, ‚Äč unjust age discrimination at work, ‚Äč being coached to make fraudulent claim in the workplace‚Äč, ‚Äč sexual harassment‚Äč…

I desire to ‚Äč express my gratitude to my new country – Australia –‚Äč as well as ‚Äč the Australian soldiers who fell during the Vietnam war‚Äč.

I would like to have a say about what I find as ‚Äč unacceptable‚Äč or ‚Äčunfair in the Vietnamese¬†culture‚Äč comparing to the Australian one and I wish there will be a change in the Vietnamese culture. The ‚Äčdiscrimination I come into contact with in Australia‚Äč made me recount what ‚Äč the¬†Chinese in Vietnam being discriminated against‚Äč.

I want the memories, the history to be written down for my children and the younger generations of Vietnamese, Australian and the others to read for years to come when I will no longer be on earth.



After printing the first part of my blog, I want to continue blogging for the upcoming second book which will include topics about: global economic downturn, terrorism, mass immigration and capitalised communist countries (including Vietnam) that has changed Australia and the world’s view about refugees in general and the Vietnamese boat people in particular.

My future project also includes creating a twin blog which will be a translation into Vietnamese of my current blog A Refugee Journey РVietnam to Australia.

What contents (articles, illustrations) are you the most proud of?
I love writing small poems to accompany each of my stories. I feel excited at the challenge to write poems in different styles. Until now, I have written 61 different forms of poems.

I collect ‚Äč facts, pictures and videos‚Äč to support my stories. Below are some of the illustrations in that category.

AP and the news of Chinese business man TŠļ° Vinh executed in 1966.


Delegate interviewed refugees with the aid of Vietnamese interpreters
The path from zone C to zone D on Pulau Bidong island


Political prisoners in a ‚Äúre-education camp‚ÄĚ
Punishment for prisoners who tried to escape


A labour dayto build canals in 1978 for high school students at the barren land of Lê Minh
Xu√Ęn, at the outskirts of Saigon.
A North Vietnamese soldier cutting men’s anti-cultural long hair.


Saigon before the Communists took over
The CBC music band


Daughter of the Vietnamese Communist Prime Minister ‚Äď Nguyen Thanh Phuong ‚Äď married
to Henry Nguyen Bao Hoang – an American citizen.
Henry Nguyen Bao Hoang brought McDonald to Vietnam in 2014.


Mrs Khuc Minh Tho who advocated for the release of political prisoners and assist them in reuniting with their families and loved ones in the United States or in other countries.
President Ronald Reagan and Mrs Khuc Minh Tho


Vietnamese Vice Prime Minister bought this house on 3/6/2005 at $790,000 USD (in 2014 estimated to worth over 1 million) at 636 South Halliday street, Anaheim, CA 92804.
Miss Cao Thi Nhip who led the first North Vietnamese Communist tank into the South Vietnam Presidential Palace in Saigon at the end of the Vietnam war now lives in America.


Thai pirates attacked a Vietnamese refugee boat in the 70s
Boat people hid in caves on deserted island to avoid rape, murder…


What moment of your blogger life was the most memorable for you so far?
When SBS Insight (Australia’s leading forum for debate and powerful first person stories)¬†contacted me in regard to my ‚ÄúFoot Voting‚ÄĚ story. The survivor guilt mentioned in my account was the theme they wanted to research for a TV broadcast.

Why did you want to turn your blog into a book?
I want to have all my writings on a long-lasting, Internet-independent, computer-independent media that can be kept for years and readily to be read.



How did you find out about BlookUp?
I am glad that BlookUp followed my blog and that was how I found out about it.

What are the positive and negative points of the making of your blook?
With BlookUp, it was very easy to make my book. I had many trials in making my book with different publishing web sites. I found the publishing softwares those sites provided were complicated to use and rejected some of my pictures for not of high resolution. Unlike
BlookUp, the other publishing websites made the price of the book high.

I would love if BlookUp can offer more color choices as well as designs for the book cover. It would be nice if there are more different internal format for the book.



Do you enjoy the final result? What does your family and friends think about your blook?
I am very happy with the final result. The pictures are sharp, the colorsilk are lively and the texts are clear and crisp. My family and friends really appreciate the book.

Would you recommend BlookUp?
I certainly will highly recommend BlookUp to other bloggers.


Thank you hiMe for taking the time to answer our questions with such details, for your documented work and precious testimony!

Also follow hiMe on: 

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Turning a cookbook into lasagna (yummy)!

Do you like lasagna made with fresh pasta? You do, but you don’t know the recipe and don’t always have all the ingredients at hand’s reach?

Stop everything you’re doing right now! You’ll have no more excuses preventing you from cooking succulent homemade lasagnas!

German design agency Korefe created for¬†the publishing house Gerstenberg¬†a unique recipe book, a special edition subtly titled “The Real Cookbook” (“Das Echte Und Einzige Kochbuch”)!

Anybody here to eat the pages, or can I have them just for me ? *_*


This unusual piece is entirely composed of fresh pasta and each page is engraved with instructions on how to cook your lasagna. Once you’ve followed the recipe, you’ll just have to use the pages as layers for the dish, slipping them between two good ladles of Bolognese sauce, grated Gruy√®re, onions and ground meat.
Littéraly no waste, every page will have its use!


History does not tell us what the garnish is made of, but you will always be able to improvise if you prefer salmon or if you want to try a vegetarian version; Be careful with the recipe though because once the pages are soaked in sauce, you may won’t be able to read them again and check that you have not forgotten an ingredient!
Once you’re done, put it in the oven…


Alas, it seems that this limited edition has been drawn only to a single copy for the publishing house (probably the one used for the photos), and that we are far from finding the concept of an edible book in our neighborhood bookshops, shopping malls or online libraries…
And here’s the final result! Quite teasing!


What do you think? Real concept to develop or just a marketing thing? in any case, we are are now HUNGRY.


Source  | Images credits : Korefe