They’ve printed the book of their blog and they tell you all about BlookUp !

Today, we’ve decided to put the emphasis on our customers, and to value their opinion about our concept, thanks to an article dedicated to the best comments we’ve received on our social medias and our customers service. Who else could better recommend BlookUp than those who have printed and received the book of their blog at home? Here’s a little collection of comments written by people who have tried our platform…


Really easy solution, reasonable price, and very reactive team helping me to finalise the blook. I think that I will now make a blog for all my travels, it’s even better than a photo album! Séverine

Thanks for all your help all through the process of making my blook, I will recommend you because it’s very nice to be so well advised and helped. Laure

Flawless quality, fast shipping and especially very easy to use! Hugo

I’m not disappointed by the beauty of the book. For all those who want to keep a paper track of their blog, BlookUp is made for you! Edwige

Very beautiful and very professional! Pauline

I’m very happy to have material copies of my favorites writings. The printing is very clear and beautiful, it gives a satisfying result. Minh-Tho

Very professional team, that helped me in the making of my blook with a lot of reactivity! I recommend! Website very easy to use and reasonable price!  Laure

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Mother Book : a book that grows with the belly of the future mom !

We’ve just found the perfect gift for your pregnant best friend : a book that lasts 9 months, and evolves at the same time than the future mom’s body. Let us introduce : the Mother Book :


This great idea was imagined and created by the Kishokai obstetric department in Japan, and the advertising agency Dentsu. The main idea is pretty simple : the pregnancy and expectation of a child are very important moments in one’s life, especially for mothers. Why not offer them an object that would evolve with their bodies, giving advices about the child and where they could write all their thoughts ?

Each page represents a week of pregnancy : Mother Book contains 40 beautifully designed pages, with a woman’s chest in 3D that grows in the course of the reading. On every page there is a unique design, that helps understand the status of the baby, but also several blank spaces for the moms to write their feelings, and be able to read them later ! You’re free to use it as you want.

A very nice gift to offer to your kid later : the full summary of his life inside the maternal womb. Here at BlookUp we totally love this idea ! The first book of your child’s life, to be completed later by many more, for example by printing the book of your blog to transpose the first years of his life… 

Record : Pauline printed 17 books thanks to BlookUp !

Today we are proud to announce that we have broken a little personal record: the number of books ordered in a single time on our website ! Pauline achieved this, with 17 beautiful travel blooks, that she will share with her whole family thanks to our BlookShop. So, now she’s going to tell us a little more about her adventure…

  • Tell us about yourself:


A GUY : Benoît, 28 years old, golf geek and crazy about football !

A GIRL : Pauline, 26 years old, auditor and pastry chef !

  • What is your blog about?

Since life is beautiful,
Since “life is short”,
Since nothing from the “grown-ups world” held us back in France (no property, no baby…),
Since spanish is such a beautiful language and it’s so classy to be bilingual,
Since we are thirsty for adventures and life experiences,
Since this project was our dream,
Since it has been on our minds for a long time,
Since there is no “perfect time”,

==> We have decided to go on an 11 months trip in Latin America, and to share it with all our family and friends in a blog !


  • Why have you decided to print your blog?

Honestly, we have put all our heart and a lot of energy into this blog! It has really been our travel journal, where we wrote all our impressions, everything that we felt, discovered, saw… So imagining loose it the day where we would no longer pay for the domain name, it broke my heart : we had to find a solution!

A traveller friend told me that her cousin (who is a designer) made her a surprise and printed her blog when she came home, and I thought it was great!


  • How did you know BlookUp?

I simply asked the question to Google “how to print your blog?” -thank goodness he’s here!- and BlookUp was the first answer, but also the most satisfying offer. So I’ve jumped on the occasion !

  • What are the perks of BlookUp?

*BlookUp allows you to print your blog, with a minimum work regarding the page setting

*customer service is fast, effective and professional

*the printing and delivery are fast and high quality


  • What are the downsides?

Let’s say “axis for improvement” :

*give the choice of a smaller font

*allow more flexibility in the page setting

*maybe speed up the making of the blooks

  • What do you think about the making and the organization of your blook?

The platform is very easy to use! There’s no need to download a program on your computer, everything is online! You can select exactly which post you want to publish or not, and work on the page setting. Furthermore, the “Help” section is very well documented and explains all the features on the website!


  • How do you find the final result?

Very beautiful and very professional!

  • What are the opinions of your family?

All the family thought this idea was great, be able to read our adventures on a “more conventional” support than the internet, keeping a material memory… And so we have a full pre-order list !


Thank you to Pauline for granting us her confidence, and we leave you with the beautiful picture of this order ready to meet its recipient!


Minh-Tho gives us her opinion about the creation of her blook

The BlookUp Team had the pleasure to exchange with Minh-Tho, who has realized a book based on her blog and has agreed to share her opinion with our community. She tells us everything about he printing of her pretty blook !

  • Tell us about you 
    My name is Minh-Tho PHAM. I have a master’s degree in marketing-communication-advertising since october 2014, and I am currently studying to become a web writer.


  • What is your blog about?
    « How to survive in Paris » is a generalist and eclectic blog about the parisian life and other subjects that I care about. Its particularity is that it is written in english and read by internet users all around the world. I’m passionate about creative writing, and I’m the author of around thirty poems and novels. My poems are the metaphorical expression of my emotions at a time, or causes that are close to my heart. My novels are mostly romantics and have generally a connection to Paris.
  • Why did you decide to print your blog?
    My poems and novels are unique creations and I wanted to keep a material track of my writings. I’ve chosen to print a collection of 18 poems, and another collection of 16 novels just to enjoy having them in the form of a book and to share them with my family and a larger audience.
  • How did you know BlookUp?
    The idea to make one or several books from my blog has been running through my mind for several months. I just made a research on the internet and BlookUp was one of the rare websites to be compatible with my WordPress platform, so I’ve decided to take the plunge.
  • What are the good things about BlookUp?
    The copyrights belong to the author of the blog which the book came from. You only pay for the copies you wish to purchase. The import of the blog datas is quickly enough and the creation of the blook is very easy. You create yourself your biography, your cover photo and back cover. You have the final say about the creation of your blook from the start until the end of the process. Finally, you can choose to make your blook public and sell it on the BlookShop of BlookUp, you can set your selling price and so the margin you’re going to get for each sale of your blook.
  • What are the downsides about BlookUp?
    You can’t adjust the pictures or change their size. When you create your blook, if your blog is too big you have to select each post from the beginning, which can be tiresome.
  • What do you think about the making and the organization of your blook?
    The making and organization of the blook can be easy and quick, if you only have one photo per article and a blog that’s not too big, ideally around fifteen articles. The preview of the final result is also a great help when you make your blook.
  • What do you thing about your final book ?
    I’m very happy to have material copies of my favorites writings. The printing of the pages is very clear and beautiful, it gives a satisfying result. The cover photo I’ve chosen is a little bit pixelated, but aside from that, there’s nothing wrong. The books are beautiful, lights and you can take them wherever you go !
  • What’s the opinion of your relatives?
    My relatives support me and ordered several copies. They are happy that I get to realize a project that I care about.
  • Why did you decide to make your blook public in our Blookshop? What do you think of this option that we offer?
    I wanted that my book could be ordered by an audience as large as possible. Having your blook online gives it more credit and gives a professional aspect to the sale. Furthermore, you get to choose the price and the margin you’re going to get on the sales of your blook. So it’s a win-win !

Thanks a lot to you Minh-Tho for sharing your opinion with us ! You can also buy her blook “How to survive in Paris” in our BlookShop right here.


Pedro turned his blog into a book

Pedro is the father of 2 young children. He wanted to keep all of his memories told in his blog in a real book. This is why he decided to turn his blog into a book with Blookup. What is his opinion ?

  • What is your blog about ?
    My blog is about my two children, from their birth day in 2009 and 2010.
  • Why did you decide to print your blog ?
    I wanted to print my blog to keep a paper version of it. Nothing is better than touching real paper !
  • How did you know BlookUp ?
    I discovered Blookup while looking for a website on Google to print my blog.
  • What are the good things about BlookUp ?
    Making your book is really quick, and the book is just perfect. Moreover, BlookUp staff is really nice and helping.
  • What are the bad things about BlookUp ?
    I don’t see any of them..
  • What do you thing about your final book ?
    This is excellent, excepted the smileys which could be improved. 



Booxup : share your books with others !

Trades of services between private individuals are more and more practiced : carpooling, couch surfing,… well, now it is also true for books ! Indeed, a very new app has been created a few months ago. Its name is Booxup.


Booxup is an app which was made for people who want to share their books with others. You just have to submit on the website to be apart of the community. Then, you can add books you want to share on your virtual library so that the other members can see it and choose it if they want to. You can also seek a book you would love among the couple of libraries around you. Booxup works with the geolocalisation, so you will only see libraries close to you. You can also follow members to know when they add a new book on the app.

Booxup was made to let people discover new books and share their owns. This is also a good way to meet people who love the same thing than you : reading. Maybe you should turn your blog into a book and share it on the app ? 🙂



Hervé printed his blog : his opinion

Hervé is a 57 year-old man passionated about motorbike and travels. He left France during 3 months and travelled through Europe, in the goal to discover new countries riding his motorbike. He decided to create a blog to tell his adventures  day by day.

He wanted to print his blog to keep those memories and to read his own book. He also wanted to print his blog for his family, as a gift. Christmas is coming, and this gift idea is a good one !

Hervé explains : « I discovered BlookUp while reading a French Newspaper. I realle loved the idea of printing your blog, and this was actually exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to find an easy way to turn my blog into a book. Making this one with BlookUp was very easy and quick. Formatting my book was simple, you can choose which articles you want into it. Thank you BlookUp ! »

6 unusual Christmas gifts for books lovers

We told you last week that books are the most popular Christmas gifts in France… and we love this fact ! But if you really want to be original this year, here are some ideas of unusual gifts only made for books lovers…!

1- The perfect bookcase to keep all your books organized


2- The book light


3- The book of your blog, to keep all of your articles and photos !


4- The bookmark to know exactly where you stopped reading your book


5- The candle which smells old books… to create a cosy atmosphere !


6- The perfect mug to drink your tea or coffee while reading your favorite book… or blook !




Pierre turned his blog into a book : his opinion

Pierre is a young french guy who left France during one year to travel and discover new cultures. He told all of his adventures in his blog, shared his photos and gave some advices. He wanted to keep all of his memories in one book, so that is why he decided to turn his blog into a book. Discover his opinion about BlookUp.

Hello Pierre. Let’s introduce yourself !
My name is Pierre. I was 26 and lived in Nantes (France) when I decided to leave everything and travel for one year. I went to Asia and Australia. I love sports and I currently live in Pau (France).

What is your blog about ?
My blog is all about my travels. From Nepal to Indonesia and Australia… All of my adventures, experiences and memories are in this blog. I also gave some advices for the other travelers. This is a personal blog which was not made to be famous.

Why did you create this blog ?
I actually did not know if I wanted to write on a travel diary or to create a blog. I finally decided to make both. My blog was the perfect way to tell my feelings, meetings, stories and to describe all of the amazing places I saw. I also wanted to stay in touch with my friends and family and to tell them what I was living.

I am not good to keep all the memories and details in mind, so having a blog was a good idea to keep all of this !


Why did you want to print your blog ?
I just wanted to have a real book to show to my friends and family, or all of the other persons I know who would like to know more about the 9 countries I discovered. I also wanted to show it to my grandparents, who are not really interested by the Internet !

What did you like about BlookUp ?
This is really easy to use !! I did not want to spend hours and hours on making this book. BlookUp is a good tool to import your blog, and you can even choose which articles or photos you want on your book. Moreover, the price is very law compared to other websites.


Books are the most popular Christmas gifts

Finding nice gifts for Christmas can be hard sometimes. But no need to find something very original, simples gifts are usually more appreciated than others. This year, books are still the most popular Christmas gifts in France, and new technologies will not change this.

Rear view of redhead reading at christmas

The main reason is that books don’t cost you a lot, and you can be sure that it will be appreciated by the one who will receive this beautiful gift. A lot of French people will discover a few books under the Christmas tree on the 24th of December for sure.

If you want to be original this year, you should offer a blook to your friends or family ! You can print your blog or theirs : holidays, recipes or family blog… this will definitely be a good idea !