Blookup offers you an automatic layout of your blook content. It also allows you to customize your blook according to your tastes and preferences.

Customization tools

You can customize your blook using three tools with a range of features. These are: Content, Looks and Preview.

  • Content

This tool allows you to act on the selection of your content. In other words, it allows you to decide which publications you want to see in your book, to organize the selection of your content, to add or remove new elements. This tool also allows you to modify your text or caption.

  • Looks

This tool is used to customize your cover by changing the color, title, cover photo, font, etc. It also allows you to add a summary to your book, change the cover format (soft or hard).

  • Preview

This tool allows you to save your changes. Once your blook is created and customized, the next step is to validate your order.

Our customer service department is here to help you if you have any questions or if you encounter a technical problem while creating your book.


BlookSpace is a unique space to store and protect your digital data. With just a few clicks, you can publish, share and sell your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, blog or PDF book and share it with your community !

How does the Blookspace work?

  • Create a blook

The first step is to create your blook. Once the blook is created, refined and finalized, go to the “My books” tab of your account to put it on sale. The purchase of a blook is not mandatory to put it on sale.

  • Publish your book

The second step is to customize the description of your book and add a summary.

  • Share your Blookspace

After you have customized and populated your blook, the third step is to share the link to your blook on your social networks, to make people want to buy it.

Our BlookSpace has a new look. Go ahead and check it out. Take a look.

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After reading our article on BlookSpace: The Memorial of Your Digital Life, you’ve decided to take the plunge. Here are a few tips that might help you show off your blook and are sure to make you want to buy it.

Think of your blook as a book in its own right, not just your blog book.

On the internet, we sometimes have a tendency to let go: content is not read the same way and is often ephemeral. But our culture attaches great importance to the book: the cover must be polished, the photos of good quality, the typography and spelling neat.

Remember that you can create your own personalized cover yourself and import it to BlookUp very easily in the looks section. Think that those who buy your book will appreciate having a finished product in their hands!

Think about the theme and price of your blook.

Maybe your blog is quite motley, or maybe it is very dense? Consider making themed blooks! If you have a cooking blog, for example create a blook with your cooking tips, another with your recipes from last season, or one around a specific product! This allows you to have thinner, cheaper blooks that will be of more interest to those who will buy it: your blooks will be devoured entirely!

Share your Blook as much as possible!

Once you’ve created your blook, don’t forget to share it. You are the best person to sell your blook and content that is unique to you! The first sharing vector is of course our BlookSpace, but do not neglect social medias, because all the interactions made on your publications (shares, likes, comments, retweets and favorites). This will allow you to reach people you don’t know and who might also be interested in your work.

BlookSpace: The memorial of your digital life

Preserve your digital content for free, share them and sell your blooks!

The BlookSpace is a unique marketplace for storing and protecting your digital data. In just a few clicks, you can publish and sell your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, blog or PDF book, and share it with your community!

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Share and sell your blook on BlookSpace!

BlookSpace is the best and easy way to share your blook and make money out of it. But first, let’s introduce you to it.

  • What is BlookSpace?

The BlookSpace is a public page, accessible from the creation of your account and gathering the blooks that you have decided to make also public.

Each published book also has its own detailed page , where web users can read the description of your work and flip through it.

  • How to share?

Promote your BlookSpace or each book individually by clicking on one of the buttons corresponding to the sharing platform of your choice. Your book will naturally be referenced on the search engines and will benefit from the visibility of the BlookUp site when users search for the title of your book on the web.

Unlike traditional publishing, blook authors own their works. Blookup is neither the owner nor the owner of the content and does not post any content on behalf of the authors. Blooks, however, do not have ISBN numbers.

How to track your sales and recover your earnings?

Your copyright always represents 10% of the price of the blook you sell. If, for example, you sell 100 blooks costing $50 each (whether they were bought by the same person or by several different people), your gains will amount to $250. These earnings are grouped in your pot, which you can view at any time in the page “My Sales” from your account.

This page also allows you to view the details of your sales and recover the accumulated earnings in your pot via Paypal. 

It’s amazing no? Print your blook now and don’t forget to share it on our BlookSpace!

Follow the impeachment hearings in this Twitter book !

Follow the news the impeachment hearings directly in our BlookSpace!

Through the books we give you a gethering of different tweets ( reactions ) that allow you to read up on any subject anytime and anywhere.This way, you will be able to share different ideas to your community.

The impeachment hearings

The investigation into the impeachment proceedings still dominates newspaper headlines. The House of Representatives Intelligence Committee resumed its hearings a few days ago. The political tension in the United States is at its height. In addition, four witnesses will be called. Today, we also learned that the President seems very much in favor of testifying on the stand before Congress. However, it is unlikely because this decision would be contrary to these interests. 

The President of the United States has therefore not finished making talk of him in the coming weeks. Follow the impeachment hearings news with this Twitter book. It saves tweets and thus includes debate, reactions and feelings.

Mens, save the tweets of your #InternationalMensDay !


#InternationalMensday book is in our Blookspace !

Through the books we give you a gethering of diffrent tweets ( reactions ) that allow you to read up on any subject anytime and anywhere.This way, you will be able to share diffrent ideas to your community.

#InternationalMensDay is an international event celebrated every 19 November since 1999. She precedes the World Children’s Day for the father-child relationship. International Men’s Day aims to reveal the role of men in society and to highlight areas where gender differences disadvantage them. Although the majority of gender inequalities are at the disadvantage of women, in some situations men may also be confronted. Tweeter users have all the days shared their celebration in their own way, both men and women. This day is therefore a day of gender equality.

You too celebrate this day with this Twitter book! Go to our Blookspace to find it !

Fresno shootings, the first tweets in a Twitter book

Follow the news of Fresno directly in our BlookSpace!

Through the books we give you a gethering of diffrent tweets ( reactions ) that allow you to read up on any subject anytime and anywhere.This way, you will be able to share diffrent ideas to your community.

Fresno shootings

Four young men were killed this Sunday evening on November 17 during a “mass shooting” at a residence in the city of Fresno, California.

One or more suspects entered a residence where some 35 people, including children, during a family reunion. The author(s) are on the run. Investigators are trying to trace their whereabouts by examining the video surveillance footage. The many neighbours are also interviewed. This drama unfortunately took place a few days after the high school in Santa Clarita, near Los Angeles was the victim of a similar act. This tragic succession made Internet users react from the very beginning as you can read in this Twitter book.

Go to our BlookSpace for more informations and reactions.