Want to print your profile? Choose your Facebook book !

Please note: to create your Facebook Fan page, you need to send us an e-mail or click on the “help” tab opposite:

  • the URL of your Fan page.
  • the date on which you’d like to start your book.
    Don’t forget to create a free BlookUp account, where we’ll upload your book within 24 hours.

Whether you’re a freelance Community Manager, a company, a brand, or simply a creative person, you’ve built a solid image and identity thanks to your Facebook page.

Promote your work in a unique way: Print your Facebook posts in just a few minutes !

Retrieve all your statuses, photos, videos, places visited, as well as the number of likes, comments and shares obtained for each of them, over the period of your choice.

Select the content you want to save, customize your cover and interior layout, and your work is transformed into a personalized book that captures the spirit of your Facebook Page.


Add an extra personal touch to your PDF Book or Album with its cover !

1- First, choose a color that reflects the spirit of your book

2- Choose a cover style to give character to your blook! Make sure you choose a high-quality image (at least 885×1240 pixels for PDF Books and at least 1192×1554 pixels for PDF Albums)

3- Fill in the title, subtitle and author name you want to appear here. These fields are filled in by default

4- Select an image from your computer to integrate into an existing template

5- Write your biography and the summary of your book: Be careful with the number of characters, make sure that everything appears on your preview !

6- Select an image from your computer to be used as the author’s portrait for your 4th cover.


BlookUp offers automatic layout of your Blook content. It also lets you personalize your Blook to suit your tastes and preferences.

The customization tools are on the left of your screen.

You can customize your Blook using three tools: Content, Appearance and Preview.


This tool lets you influence the selection of your content. In other words, it lets you decide which publications you want to appear in your book, organize the selection of your content, add or remove new elements. It also lets you modify your text or caption.


This tool lets you personalize your cover by modifying the color, title, cover photo, font, etc. It also lets you add a summary to your book, change the cover format (soft or hard) or the book format (single or album). It also lets you add a summary to your book, change the cover format (soft or hard) or the book format (single or album).


This tool allows you to save your changes. Once your Blook has been created and customized, the next step is to validate your order.

Our customer service team is also available to help you if you have any questions or encounter any technical problems during the creation of your Blook.


Do you have several Twitter accounts and want to combine all your tweets into a single book ?

BlookUp has the solution for you !

Add up to 12 Twitter accounts at once in a single book !

How do I go about it ?

It’s so simple !

1- Log on to the BlookUp website

2- Choose your Twitter book

3- Create your book by adding links to your accounts

And your book is ready in minutes !


You don’t have to waste a minute to print out your vacation photos and relive those moments all year round !

Since the start of your vacation, you’ve been sharing this adventure on your social networks.

Would you like to immortalize these moments and relive them ?

BlookUp has a solution that’s sure to please !

The cover of a blog album

In order to create your Blook, the content you want to turn into a book must be from : Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blog, PDF.

Once you’ve chosen your social network, you can find the book you want to generate on our site.

Now all you have to do is generate your book and keep the memory of those good times!


BlookUp is a platform that lets you print your social networks.

You’ll have years of work, sharing and, above all, memories in your hands.

Yes, you’ve understood correctly, you can create your book from your various accounts:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Blog
  • WordPress
  • PDF


it’s very simple you just have to create an account on the BlookUp website.

Then all you have to do is give BlookUp access to the platform you’re using.

Once you’ve uploaded your content to the BlookUp platform, all you have to do is select the dates you want to appear in your book, and your book is ready in just a few minutes !


BlookUp is committed to providing you with a variety of standardized security procedures and technologies to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

What you need to know :

1- BlookUp respects the privacy of its visitors and members.

2- We only collect personal information that you voluntarily communicate to us through our Site or through the pages of the social networking platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) administered by BlookUp.

3- In general, the Personal Information you provide is used either to respond to your requests or to help us serve you better in the context of a new service.

4- We do not sell, rent or share your personal information with third parties and we will not disclose any financial information that is part of your personal information.

5- You have the right to ask us to update, rectify, complete or delete any personal data we hold about you, free of charge.

6- Links to other websites or blogs are provided for information purposes only. We are not responsible for their content and do not exercise any control over them.

7- We may create anonymous registries of Information from personal information by excluding data (such as your name) that personally identifies you in order to provide you with relevant third-party information and services.

Now you know how careful we are with your personal information.

So go ahead, visit our site and personalize your books !


Do you have a PDF and want to turn it into a book ?

BlookUp lets you format your content using the software of your choice, convert your document into a PDF and upload it to our :

Personalize your book with our tool and voilà !

All that’s left to do is print your PDF on quality paper, in A5 format, with a soft cover and matte finish ideal for showcasing your densest work. Whether you’re writing a novel, composing songs and poems, drafting business documents, creating comics or simply have a keen idea of what the perfect layout is, then your PDF book is for you !


On Twitter, every second of your life is documented in 280 characters or less.

How do you remember all those publications posted so quickly and save the ephemeral? One solution: The book of my tweets!

BlookUp’s book of my tweets lets you immortalize your account, presenting it as your Twitter feed with the number of likes, comments and shares apparent in impeccable print quality.

Choose the publication period you’re interested in, select the tweets you’d like to save, personalize your cover and print your latest 3200 tweets, automatically formatted for you at a rate of one or more per page, on quality paper in a small, easy-to-carry format.



You want to go to threads but you still want to keep the memory of your twitter account.

BlookUp has the solution !

Thanks to BlookUp, you can create a book of your Twitter, and a book of your 100 most-loved tweets.

To create your own book, visit our BlookUp website.

Once on the site, click on discover all our books.

After this step, simply click on the Twitter book you want and your book is generated in seconds !